Thanksgiving is the time of year that allows us to reflect on the past year and on the people and events that have truly blessed our lives. 2015 has been a milestone year for Dr. Batniji and Associates, and this Thanksgiving, the Batniji families want to extend our warmest feelings of thanks and gratitude to all our patients who have scheduled appointments and benefitted from our dental treatments and procedures. Our family and our endodontic practice have truly been blessed, and first and foremost we would like to extend our gratitude our many valued referring dentists who have trusted us over the years to provide endodontic procedures to their patients on a referral basis.

To our referring dentists and their families, Dr. Batniji and Associates are grateful that you continue to allow us to take care of your patient’s dental health. It is our goal to build upon relationship to ensure you continue to be a part of our practice and our professional family. Your patients’ dental care is very important to you and we are passionate to provide them with exceptional service, the latest treatments and procedures, and with their pain management and comfort our highest concern (

We feel it is a testament to the experience and trust that we have earned that allows us to continue the close professional relationship with you which we value so much.

It’s been a blessed and stellar year for Dr. Batniji and Associates, and as we move in to the holiday season, we are eager to hear from you – leave a message below if you would like – and we look forward to serve your dental health needs in the future. Have a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving 2015!