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Continued Education Units for Endodontics

Please join Dr. Batniji Study Club for an informative evening with Dr. Baldwin Marchack. There is no fee to attend and three (3) continuing educational units will be available following the lecture.

Thursday, September 15, 2016, 6:00pm – 9:00pm


Location: Diamond Bar Center | 1600 Grand Ave. | Diamond Bar, CA 91765 | 909.839.7070

Patients today are increasingly aware of dental implants, and their expectations are for esthetically and functionally pleasing implant restorations that mimic natural teeth.

This course will focus on principles, guidelines and the rationale for selecting appropriate abutments and designing restorations for the single posterior and single anterior implant to achieve optimum esthetic yet functional and practical implant restorations.

The presentation will be of interest to both the experienced and the novice practitioner as it will result in effortless decision making and will enable the restorative dentist to not only collaborate better with the implant surgeon but to direct the laboratory technician in the design of each single implant situation with confidence.


1. Diagnosis and treatment planning for implants
2. Criteria for screw retained vs cement retained restorations
3. What are ideal abutment contours for anterior and posterior restorations to maintain and support soft tissue
4. Consistently create ideal, esthetic and functional implant restorations with healthy gingival tissue